A New Year and Some Sewing

Happy New Year!

I've started the year with a spring clean, updating photo albums, editing my end of year home movies and very little sleep.

In November I took a solo trip to Ubud in Bali for a week. My goals for the trip were to eat, sleep, go to the spa and buy fabric. A perfect holiday! I took a day trip to Denpasar to the fabric markets and brought back lots of lovely stuff. I also couldn't help myself and ended up with 11 sarongs.. but those are slowly getting turned into clothing or things for the house too. I made up the pattern for the shorts in the bottom picture but there are plenty of free PDF patterns about on the Internet. These ones are very simple with just a zipper up the back, and they're quite high waisted. I used the rest of the fabric to make Jemima a pair, but hers are below the knee and wide in the leg.

I have a few sewing projects on the go at the moment, and all going well I'll have some time to photograph them and upload them here soon. Have a lovely day everyone.


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