Craft Cupboard

I recently remodelled an old cabinet into a craft cupboard and this is a brief list of what I keep inside.  If you see something you love in a thrift store or when inspiration hits it's great to have a few basics on hand to get you started.  For details on how I transformed my cabinet see Craft Cupboard 1 , Craft Cupboard 2, and Craft Cupboard 3.
  • A good sharp pair of fabric scissors - kept away from little people 
  • A pair of hardy utility scissors 
  • Selection of needles including darning and yarn needles
  • Thread in different colours. I like to have black, white, red, blue, grey, and pink as a minimum
  • Variety of glues - I have PVA, glue sticks, and paper paste
  • Scrapbooking papers in lots of different patterns
  • A few balls of yarn in different colours
  • Knitting needles
  • A pile of vintage tea towels, fabric remnants, embroidered placemats, and doilies
  • A pot of clear varnish
  • Paint brushes
  • Taubmans paint tubes and test pots from the hardware store. Mistints from Bunnings are great
  • Staples and a stapler
  • Clippings from old magazines, paper sewing patterns, postcards, old photographs
  • Ribbons

If there are some crafting "must haves" missing in my list that you can't live without please let me know, I'd love to hear from you.

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