26. Craft Cupboard Stage 3 - Storage

It's finished! There's not much to add except some photos to show you how I used kitchen and bathroom accessories to store my craft bits and pieces.

On this door I used two wire spice racks from Ikea. We removed the handle and reattached it to the bottom of the rack so it could be used for ribbons.  In between the spice racks is a magnetic knife holder with magnetic spice tins, also from Ikea.

For storage inside the cupboard I used glass candy jars and vintage tins.

On the other door we used a toothbrush holder from Bunnings to hold paintbrushes, and cup hooks to hang scissors, a ruler, and an embroidery hoop. A bulldog clip is used to hold patterns and loose pieces of paper.

Now for a breakdown of the costs!

Cupboard - Free
Wallpaper samples - Free
Primer undercoat $24.00
Taubmans enamel topcoat $29.95
Leftover white enamel paint - Free
Stencil book $2
Brushes $2.50
Shelves - $8 plus $2 for them to be cut to size 
Shelf brackets $8
Spice racks, magnetic knife rack, spice jars, all from Ikea $30
Cup hooks and toothbrush holder from Bunnings $15
Clip for pattern $3

I hope the past three posts have inspired you to think outside the square when it comes to storing your craft.


  1. Becs! This is fantastic. Great job. I am officially inspired. x

  2. Hi Becs! I discover your blog some days ago I think you have great ideas. I took some of your photos of the craft-cupboar makeover to post it in my blog as part of an entrance about craft-room. I said in that post that your craft-room has not finished yet, would you mind if I resume the three stage in my blog? http://lacasadelosmartinez.blogspot.com/2011/07/un-buen-taller-un-buen-trabajo-ii-good.htm
    Thanks a lot,

  3. Hi Chari

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Feel free to use the craft cupboard images, I hope you like them.


  4. Love the craft cupboard Becs. Now I need to spot the right cupboard at the second-hand store to do something similar!

  5. I love this! Just stole your Idea and painted an old chest of drawers in the same colour.
    Its only slightly different, looks very 50s pirate and I love it!
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Oh cool! I'd love to see a pic if you feel like sharing. My email is mybornagaincreations@gmail.com, with your permission I'd love to feature it here to show people how the same method works with other styles of furniture.


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