Cowgirl Party

For my daughter's 5th birthday she wanted to be a cowgirl. We invited 26 of her friends and hired a community hall where we held a Cowgirl & Cowboy Dance. This party was done on a really tight budget of $120 AUD. It was held between 4pm - 6pm which meant we could give the kids a decent amount of food rather than lots of little bits and  pieces. I find this works out to be cheaper and a lot easier! About an hour into the party we provided american hotdogs, popcorn, and corn chips.

Western themed cake made by my sister

Cheap plastic horses and icing cacti 

Me standing next to my 'Wanted' poster - we made one for
each family member and guest.
Mine was for Naggin and Yellin - don't you know it!

The party table: flannel backed table cloths, aluminium pie plates, raffia "hay"
recycled tins with marshmallows on sticks, and plastic miniature horses.

Hobby Horses for Cowgirls to ride on

The hall was $45 to hire for the day

A tee pee I made out of a calico remnant and some broom handles.

One large calico sheet painted by my husband and some western themed cut outs stuck on
made for a great backdrop for photos and dancing.

Wanted Posters

Welcome sign made from old piece of timber and some paint

The birthday girl

Howdy Partner

Party in progress!

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