About me

Hello! I'm Becs. I'm a mum of two, a cook with allergy-friendly super powers, resident cleaner, taxi driver, and all the rest of it.  When I'm not looking after the family you can find me hunting down bargains in charity shops, digging up the garden, or hiding away somewhere quiet reading a good book.  

My passion for fabrics and sewing goes back for as long as I can remember. As a little girl I used to make my own patterns out of newspaper and thanks to mum I always had access to her trusty Husqvarna sewing machine. The first real garment I made was in Form 1 'home economics' class when I was eleven and I was hooked.

In my twenties I had my own womenswear label and was fortunate enough to win the New Zealand Fashion Quarterly Young Designer of the Year in 2002. In the spring issue of that year I was the only 'undiscovered' designer in the magazine's history to have a garment featured on the cover. 

After I had my babies I saw how dire the clothing situation was for young kids (especially girls!) and began to design custom made children's wear from home.

For the past couple of years I've become more and more interested in vintage fabrics and the history of fashion. I love exploring new ways to recraft the treasures I've found at thrift stores and markets into fresh and usable items for my home and yours.

Which brings me to this blog!

Born again creations is all about finding those old and unloved bits and bobs at markets and car boot sales and transforming them into amazing, one of a kind pieces for your home. Here you'll find my own tutorials along with reviews of markets in the Greater Sydney Region, kids party ideas, and inspiration from other crafty bloggers in Internetland. 

Thanks for visiting,



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