23. Craft Cupboard Stage 1 - Wallpaper Collage

Time to realise the Craft Cupboard dream! In June we had our council clean up collection and across the road from our house I spotted this 1930s cabinet. It was in a pretty sorry state.

It was only after we got it inside that I realised that it's almost exactly like the craft cupboard I have as my dream storage space on my Craft Cupboard Page. Since then I've been researching different paint techniques and storage options and today I made a start on my craft cupboard restoration.

I found some vintage wallpaper books (also in the council clean up) and I decided to use them to do a patchwork collage on the back wall.

I cut out squares of different sizes, making sure to keep my colour palette limited to blue, yellow, and white.

Once I had a pile of squares I glued them onto the back of the cabinet, starting with the largest pieces first. I kept the shiny silvery coloured ones to add as the top layer.

The wallpaper pieces were prepasted but unfortunately the glue no longer worked since they were so old. I used PVA first and then a glue stick to stick down any stray edges.

This technique can be used on any furniture, it would look great on the front of a chest of drawers or on a table top and then covered with a sheet of glass or even varnished.

So far my costs are at $0.00.

Check back next week for stage 2!


  1. Can't wait to see this finished; the wallpaper looks great and I'm in awe of all your bargain finds and creative ways you put them to use!

  2. I have a question (sorry if it's an obvious one -- I've never painted anything before), but did you use a paint brush, roller or spray paint when painting? Also, any tips on how to apply paint evenly? I'm planning to paint an old wooden desk glossy white.

  3. Hi there
    I used a paint brush for both the primer undercoat and the blue paint on top. For even paint make sure you don't overload your brush. 2 or 3 coats of thin paint is better than 1 or 2 of really thick paint. Using a good undercoat is a good place to start as it gives your top coat a good surface to adhere to. Your paintshop should be able to recommend an undercoat and topcoat that will work well together. Happy painting! I'd love to see how it works out :)


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