Lets start at the very beginning....

This blog is about me and my love of flea markets and pre-loved bits and pieces. I'm a person who would much rather whip up some pancake batter in a second hand 1940s ceramic bowl than in a shiny new one from Ikea.

Heaven to me is a pile of vintage quilts and linens at a market or spotting an old wooden table in need of love on the side of the road. My favourite part of trawling through the junk at markets and vintage stores is the moment I spot that one special thing that I know I can transform into something entirely different.

Old things have memories attached to them, and even if those memories aren't mine I like to think that the object has been well used and well loved. I sometimes dream up a past for the things I find. As I cut and sew a skirt out of a 1950s linen tablecloth I imagine a housewife in pumps and pearls hanging out the wash in the sunshine, enjoying the snap the cloth makes in the wind.

So join me on this journey of creations that are born again. I'll post my projects online along with the costs of the materials and instructions on how to make something similar yourself. If you want to share your own creations please do, I'd love to see them. In addition to my crafty projects I'll report on my trips to various markets and fairs in the greater Sydney region and show you the treasures I find on my way.

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