Wednesday, August 24, 2011

29. Vintage Tea Towels

I love vintage tea towels. The brighter and cheesier the better.

I found a pile of them in a thrift shop about a month ago and I bought the lot. Who could resist them at .50c each! One of them made me smile when I opened it up in the store. It's a 'Wedding Anniversaries' tea towel complete with a list of themes for each anniversary. I was intrigued by the psyche of the person who bought it. Why would you need it? Did she use it to wash dishes or just put it in the cupboard? Was it a reference point for the approaching date...
"Frank! Our anniversary is coming up, better check the tea towel."

It was too funny to do nothing with so I made it into a simple cushion by folding it in half and sewing around the edge (right sides together) then stuffing it with hobby fill before sewing up the gap.

Another great find was a limited edition screen printed tea towel on linen fabric. I bought a cheap canvas and pinned it on with drawing pins. It'll go above the fireplace in our new house. I washed it first to get a couple of small marks out and then had to spend over an hour ironing it. It's still not perfect! If you know a way of making linen silky smooth let me know.

I have lots of tea towels left in my cupboard and I'm continually on the hunt for more. What I really want is a retro Blue Mountains one but I haven't had any luck yet.

We're moving into a bigger house in just over a week. I can't wait. Since I found out that we got the house I haven't been able to sleep because I'm too excited about decorating it. I have so many ideas, and knowing me I'll want them all done at once.

Happy crafting everyone!

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