Monday, April 16, 2012

A little bit of vintage...

I was in the mood for some vintage linen today and as a result here are the latest cushion covers for sale!

I've been collecting vintage tea towels for about a year now for my Vintage Picnic Blankets. In fact, I can't go past a cheesy vintage tea towel without snapping it up. These ones are some of my favourites - pure Irish linen in fantastic bold bright colours. Most of them have a side zipper so you can turn the pillow over and use  both sides. They take a small rectangle shaped insert, but you can use hobby fill or a small square shape insert too. As you know, I'm always out treasure hunting so make sure you 'like' the born again creations Facebook page and check the store album regularly for more designs.




To purchase please visit the Facebook album: born again creations store.

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