Make it Monday - Repurposing old t-shirts

This Monday I bring you some great ideas for upcycling old t shirts.  I think just about everyone has a few t-shirts that are past their best. If your partner is anything like mine then you'll have a serious old t-shirt situation at your house - what is it with men and holding on to piles and piles of t-shirts?

Have a go at these ideas and you'll get to have a clear out and do something crafty at the same time.

The first cool trick is to turn your t-shirts into a usable material. Creative Jewish Mom will show you how!

Now that you have something to work with how about making one of these gorgeous Rainbow Crochet Rugs from Show Tell Share.

Too ambitious? If you're after an instant gratification project have a look at these great bracelets from Lana Red.

Now that you've got the hang of it, you need something to go with those bracelets right? Ninth & Bird has a fantastic step by step tutorial showing you how make a funky upcycled scarf.

For something more challenging try some weaving using t-shirt yarn with a tutorial from Candoodles.

For a quick and easy project have a look at these fun fruit bags by Style Baggage. They're so simple to make, stylish, and environmentally friendly!

And last but not least, there is always patchwork. I've seen t-shirts made into quilt covers and cushion covers using squares of t-shirt fabrics and they look great. Following the same idea are these kids pants from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

That's it for today's Make it Monday, hope you have a fantastic week everyone!


  1. Cool! there are some knitting patterns that use t-shirts as well :)

    1. Are they for clothing or is it too thick? It would look cool as a cushion cover I reckon or a hot water bottle cover.

  2. Oh I love a good upcycle! I'm in the process of collecting tees in blues and greens and will be turning them into hooked rugs for my kids. I also made a tshirt skirt last week and have made some simple plaited bracelets too. Loving the patchwork shorts idea, my kids might get some of them this summer too :)

    1. Hooked rugs around great! I made a braided rug for my daughter out of old sheets recently, it was a fun project but quite time consuming. I'm an impatient crafter, I like to start and finish in one day!

  3. Here's a couple more that I have pinned:
    And lastly, my daughters school has a very odd uniform colour, I have got myself an old school uniform t to make this for her:

  4. Oh I love that shrug, that's next on the list! Anything that makes me feel like I'm in a Jane Austen movie has to be a good thing.

  5. hey really nice.. thts an old vintage art of indian rural ladies.. we also used to have these rugs at our homes ven my grand ma was alive..:(


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