Monday Morning

The children played with Lego for an entire day yesterday after setting themselves the challenge of using every last brick in the box. This Monday morning they were back at it as soon as they woke up. It's amazing to see them play so intensely with one toy for such a long time. I'm telling myself that our new kilim rug has helped in this department, surely having a soft and cosy spot to play helps to calm moods and aid in democratic relations?

This Monday morning I had my aptly named '7am muffins' in the oven just past, well, 7am. I can't get away from making these each and every school morning it seems, no matter how organised I am the night before. Thankfully they're quick to whip up.

This Monday morning I saw the placemats I ran up last night out of a vintage sheet in the harsh light of day, and realised they are a lot bumpier than they looked by candlelight last night. Oh well.

This Monday morning I continued to love our winter nature table, as sparse as it is. Ben made the Aboriginal bark painting at preschool and every time I walk past it I smile on the inside.

This Monday morning I saw the first blossoms on our magnolia tree uncurl and burst forth. I can't wait to see what this tree will look like in full bloom. Spring is on its way.


  1. Hi Bec, love magnolia's they are very pretty. I was recently inspired by your post "Dirtying up the doily" & had a go at making my own version, it turned out great. I have written a post on my blog about it but have popped a link to your blog with full credit for being my inspiration. I hope you dont mind
    CHEERS xx

    1. Hi Trish
      That's great that you made a doily cushion, I can't wait to pop over and check it out!


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