Down on the farm

Shopping day today and since it's school holidays I thought I'd mix it up a little. 20 minutes from us is the Hawkesbury region - close in terms of distance but very different in terms of landscape. Where we have dense forest and rocky slopes they have wide open pastureland and a winding river. It's just about perfect for growing food.

One of the farms down there has a farm shop where you can buy fresh produce and eggs from their free range chooks. We woke up to a sunny day and not much to do so I thought we'd take a little drive to buy our food from the farm.

Apart from seeing our food grow and visiting the chooks the best thing about the farm shop is the price. I spent $47 and I bought:

2 lettuces
A bag of tomatoes
A bag of carrots
A huge bag of Dutch Cream potatoes
3 avocados
A bunch of beet root
3 ears of corn
A bag of mushrooms
A big bag of apples
A bag of walnuts
2 broccoli
1 cauliflower
A dozen eggs courtesy of the girls
2 lemons
3 cucumbers

And probably more that I've forgotten!

I reckon that's pretty good value. We stopped in to get some meat on the way home and a couple of bags of things from Coles and that was the shopping done.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful day :-)


  1. Hi,
    Which farm would that be and how far is it from Sydney?
    I might go visit when I'm bored :)

  2. It's in Yarramundi near Richmond. That whole Hawkesbury area is worth a day trip, if you go try and make it on a day when the Windsor Market is on.


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