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For me, it's always been Audrey. There's nobody past nor present as effortlessly elegant or poised as she. Somehow the simplest of silhouettes look stunning on her. Never too little, never too much.

Today I'm going to show you how to incorporate some iconic style your very own wardrobe. All that's involved is a bit of research and a critical eye. Ready? Let's go!


If your style icon is a film star you must have an all-time favourite movie that they star in. Your first step is to look at images, television series, or films and take note of what you love. Look at colours, make up, jewellery, hair cuts, bags, shoes, and hem lengths. Is there anything characteristic that ties it all together? Make some notes as you go, or start up a Pinterest board for inspiration.

This is Audrey in the 1953 film Roman Holiday. When I saw it recently I was drawn to the pockets in her full skirt, the wide belt that cinches in the narrowest part of her waist, and the strong collar of her shirt. I love that little scarf at her neck too.

Hello cigarette pants! In the second picture she has another strong structured collar. She's wearing ballet flats - I told you she was my kind of woman.

In this photo we've got shorts with a patterned shirt, again with some structure to it - especially in the cuffs.

Be Critical

So now we have a good sense of our style icon but how do you actually wear it? This is where a critical eye comes in. Obviously I am not Audrey Hepburn. You're not your style icon either. And that's awesome because what we want is for your style to come through here. If I walked around in a black dress and enormous sunglasses with my hair piled high and a cigarette holder hanging out of my mouth people would point at me. The idea isn't that you look like you're off to a costume party.

If your style icon is a skinny minny and you're not it doesn't matter one bit. You can still incorporate their style into your look. Maybe it's some stiletto heels with a splash of colour like Carey from Sex and the City, or black eye-liner and pale lips with a wide necked off the shoulder t-shirt like Brigitte Bardot. Perhaps it's a red lip and some sparkles like Marilyn Monroe, or some tailored pants and a sharply tailored shirt reminiscent of Katharine Hepburn.

Pick what you can get away with and be honest about what you can't.

Find the Goods

Let's look at Audrey.

As you know I'm a huge fan of thrift shopping. You can find some wonderful things for next to nothing in thrift stores, but it's all a game of chance. If you're after specific pieces try eBay or Etsy's vintage clothing sections. You'll pay more, but you'll find exactly what you're after and remember, vintage is still much cheaper than new.

A patterned cigarette pant is a great 1950s look teamed with a cardigan in a block colour and a crisp white blouse. Here are some vintage finds I saw on Etsy today:

1950s Cigarette Pant by Vintage Salvation on Etsy.

1950s pants by Maybel57 on Etsy
Match it with a simple vintage top:

1950s Blouse by VintageBoxFashions on Etsy.

Or a fitted white shirt:

Asos fitted shirt from
If you can't find a vintage pant there are new options on websites like Asos:

River Island Printed Cigarette Trouser from
Or reproduction pieces on websites like Collectif:

Bonnie Blackwatch Cigarette Trousers from Collectif.
If a patterned pant is too much for you swap it up by having a plain coloured pant and a patterned shirt.

1950s shorts by Allencompany on Etsy.

1950s shorts by Camp Bettie on Etsy.
Asos Luxe stripe tee from
The aim here is to find pieces that have the flavour of your style icon - they don't have to match exactly. I love everything about Audrey (except all of those cushions and bags with her face printed on them) but for you it might be Twiggi, or Madonna in her Desperately Seeking Susan phase. Maybe it's the 1940s that tickle your fancy, or 1980s shoulder pad glam. Whatever it is, don't be afraid to incorporate it into your wardrobe. Fashion is meant to be fun!

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