Friday, January 6, 2012

An Announcement!

It's the curse of the December blogger that when you're at your busiest making and creating you can't share it with anyone! Christmas is now over so I can at last show you some of the things I made for family and friends.

These are some vintage linen napkins that I bought at a market for $6 for a dozen.  I bought a hand carved rubber stamp set on for $5 and some fabric paint that's set with an iron. After a few practice runs on some scrap calico I printed up two sets of napkins. I used the same stamps to print some plain white cards and envelopes using a silver ink pad ($3).

For my sister and her husband I made a picnic mat out of vintage linen. I bought an old thick white table cloth and printed photos of her and her kids onto printable fabric sheets before sewing it all together.

I've been working hard on this design for a special reason - born again creations will be open for business starting with vintage picnic blankets coming soon! I have a huge selection of vintage linens and I aim to have a selection ready for sale in the next couple of weeks. They'll be advertised here and on my Facebook page. Each blanket will be one of a kind with a waterproof backing and will be able to be folded up and tied for easy storage. In addition to the blankets I pre-make, I'll also be taking orders for personalised picnic blankets with photos and text like the one you see above. They make wonderful wedding presents or gifts for the grandies. Watch this space!

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