Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superheroes, Cops, and Cowboys

January has been the month of dressing up in our household. It started with some improvised capes made from pillow cases, some glittery masks, and much giggling.

In the last couple of weeks I've been busy sewing costumes for Ben's preschool and he's been so excited to see what he'll be playing with when the term begins again.  His teacher requested some vests and capes and left the rest up to me (love!) so I've had a great time browsing fabric shops and sketching designs.

I have another two Western style vests to make and I'm on the lookout for the perfect Fire Fighter red fabric.

For the capes I couldn't resist making these gorgeous bird wings even though cutting out all of those feathers just about killed my ol' aching RSI arm.

If you'd like to try them yourself the tutorial is available here at pluckymomo.

Then came the rest of the capes. These are so wonderfully easy to make, even more so if you've just completed the wings above! All you need to do is buy some non fraying fabric, I bought a synthetic stretchy velvet which was on sale for $3 a metre. Measure across your child's shoulders across the back and add 4cm. Then measure down their back from neck to mid thighs and add 5 cm. Cut out your rectangle, fold over 5cm at the top and sew a seam to make a casing. Thread through a piece of thick ribbon or cotton tape with a safety pin. Secure the tape within the casing by sewing a small seam in the middle of the casing. You're done!

It's amazing what a little thing like a scrap of fabric can inspire. I gave the kids my silver leftovers from the capes and they fashioned them into superhero capes for their toys. The next 2 hours were spent engrossed in  a dramatic game of imaginative play.

It's been really fun getting behind the sewing machine again this month. I'm looking forward to starting on some clothing for the kids. I've already made Jemima a lovely soft cotton jersey knit nightie and a pair of 3/4 length pants. She's got very definite  ideas about fabric just like her mum so there is always some *debate* when we go fabric shopping together!

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