31. Kids Vintage Picnic Mat

When I was a kid there was nothing I enjoyed better than reading in a comfortable spot outdoors. I loved the fresh air and the dappled light on the page of my book.  I still love reading outside and happily so do my two children.

This picnic mat is made from a vintage 'teddy bears picnic' sheet and a flannel backed tablecloth. The tablecloth is a cheap way to keep the fabric from getting wet and dirty.

It's perfect for those spontaneous picnic lunches or a trip to the park.

Time: 30 - 60 minutes
Cost: Under $10


1 cot/crib size vintage sheet, or single size sheet cut to size. Mine was $2 from a thift store.
1 rectangle shape flannel backed tablecloth - around $6 from craft or homeware stores
Thread, scissors, and sewing machine

Here we go...

Lay your tablecloth right side down and smooth out any wrinkles. Lay out your vintage sheet on top right side up.

Pin together around the edge and a couple of times in the middle to hold it all in place.

Stitch around the edges using straight stitch.

Trim the excess tablecloth fabric from around the edge.

Using an edging/overlock or zig zag stitch sew around the edges making sure you sew through both the vintage top sheet and the tablecloth underneath.

Happy crafting everyone!


  1. Hi! I am excited to do this project and was just wondering if it washed well? Do u just wash and hang dry?

    1. Hi Angie
      I've tested them both in the machine (cold gentle cycle) and hand washing and they were both fine. I choose to hand wash in cold water though because the flannel backed tablecloths do have that soft furry layer to them and I wouldn't that to be pulled or turn lumpy with aggressive washing.

      For our kids ones we usually spot clean if we need to, they haven't had to have a big wash yet (finger crossed).

      Good luck and have fun making it :)


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