Urban Adventurers

Sometimes, out of the blue, I get a hankering for an adventure.

In my previous life (before my little ones arrived) whenever I felt that familiar itch to see something new I would reach for a Lonely Planet guide or check out what airfare specials were looking really good. These days I need to look a little closer to home, at least in the short term.

This morning we awoke to another beautiful spring day. My daughter (who must have her sleep) managed one of her two or three sleep in's a year, and we needed to be out for the day as J was home sleeping off last night's night-shift. The stars were aligned. Today was indeed a day for venturing out.

Over breakfast I declared today a no school, no housework, no errands day. Today we were going into Sydney on our own urban adventure.

After two train rides we walked up the stairs of the underground station to a bright and busy city day.  Hyde Park is our favourite stop to eat and play before we start the serious business of exploring the city. Today we unpacked the supplies I brought from home and supplemented them with some treats from a cafe across the road.

The kids were the photographers today. Jemima and I taught Ben how to use the camera and they took turns taking pictures all over the place. Ben enjoyed it so much that I think I'll try and find a suitable camera for him for his birthday.  All of the photos in this post were taken by the kids.

After lunch it was onwards to the Australia Museum or the 'Dinosaur Museum' as our kids call it. The kids took over the camera and away we went. Dinosaur skeletons and fossils are a real love of Ben's so this place is an extra special spot for him.

After a couple of hours of dinosaurs and a big play in the kids space area it was time to take my tired adventurers home.

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