32. Vintage Wool Blanket with Buttons

It may be heading towards spring in the southern hemisphere but judging from the weather over the last two days it's not too late for this lovely wool blanket. I first saw something like this in Amanda Soule's book Hand Made Home.

Time: An afternoon
Cost: Under $20


1 Vintage 100% wool blanket from a thrift store. Mine was $3 from Vinnie's.
1 Recycled wool jumper
Vintage buttons
Embroidery thread
Darning needle

Here we go...

I used a stained and outgrown merino top of my daughters for this project.

Cut out shapes from your woollen jumper. I used small squares but you could do flowers, circles, or stars.

Once you have a pile of little shapes select your buttons and thread.

I found this bag of embroidery thread at an op shop recently for $4. Bargain! I decided to keep my blanket quite simple so I used cream thread and white/cream buttons.

Once you have your buttons selected start sewing them on with one of your shapes in between the button and the blanket.  A random design is easiest and best.

Once you've covered your blanket you can edge it with blanket stitch as I've done with cream wool, or sew some bias binding around the outside.

The great thing about this blanket is that you can cover any stains or holes with the buttons. So if you see a lovely woollen blanket that has a mark on it don't discount it, with clever placement of some buttons you can hide any imperfections.

I'm using mine as something warm and cosy for watching tv and reading but one of these in bright colours would look great on a kids bed. You can use wool felt instead of recycling a woollen jumper if you don't have one handy that you're willing to cut up.

Happy crafting!

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