There's something about Katoomba. Fresh crisp air, breath taking scenery, a cool urban feel in the middle of a National Park, and some of the best vintage stores around - what's not to love? Every time I go up the mountain I feel like I'm at home, which must have something to do with it's resemblance to Wellington's hilly landscape and icy winds!

It's an average of 7 degrees colder in the upper mountains than at our house, which can be just the thing on a 41 degree summer's day. In the middle of winter it can be a little brisk, which I kind of love because it's an excuse to wear our hats and mittens and drink hot chocolate.

So come along with me on a little stroll around Katoomba, if you're ever in or around Sydney I hope you'll make the trip to the upper mountains, it really is a very special place.

The first thing you'll notice about Katoomba as you come up the Great Western Highway is the 1930s style buildings. I love the character of both the shop fronts and the houses in the upper mountains.

There are loads of cafes to choose from along the main road but more often than not we end up in Blue Hour. There's always something gluten free on the menu here, and the kids love sitting in the window booth.

Without a doubt my favourite store in Katoomba is the food co-operative. I visit here every 1 - 2 weeks to buy gluten free flours, nuts, beans and lentils, and sweeteners like agave syrup. The kids love visiting too!

And of course you can't go to Katoomba without dropping by Echo Point. This is us back in May having our last picnic dinner of the autumn:

Love you Katoomba!

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