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Morning. What's everyone up to? Today is one of my two child free days a week and after two busy weeks of school holidays I wasn't quite sure how to fill up my very quiet day. I ended up being a good girl and doing an hour or so of housework this morning and I put a casserole into the slow cooker. I love slow cookers. I smile on the inside all day when I remember that dinner is already sorted!

This week my prize from Kara of Make me Pop arrived. She lovingly designed this great robot winter hat for Ben, who as you know, has a thing for them. He was so thrilled with it that he wore it all day. He even took it to bed with him. His favourite colour is orange and he requested ear flaps so when he opened the parcel it was all very exciting indeed.

This weekend we're flying solo with J off to New Zealand tonight for his mum's wedding. Our super cuddly boy was sure to fit in as many daddy snuggles as he could before he left.

 And today I was nominated for a 'Very Inspiring Blogger Award' - thanks Tracey!

Here are the terms for accepting the award:

  1. Display the award certificate on your blog - check!
  2. In your post, link back to the person who gave you the award
  3. Present 7 awards to inspiring bloggers, create a post linking to their blog and leave them a comment to tell them
  4. Post 7 interesting facts about yourself.
So first things first, thank you to Tracey of for your lovely comments on my posts and for this award. I had a quick nosy at your blog and I can't wait to have a proper read.

My seven awards are going to:

Sezza Knits - For beautiful and inspirational knitwear. Sarah is the knitter I wish I could be!
Rosie teapot - For clever, honest business advice and posts that make me smile.
Opshopaholic - Because this Wellingtonian opshopaholic takes me back to my teen op shopping haunts.
Blue Teacups - Because Kylie's posts about cooking, crochet, gardening, and her family speak my language.
Kara McMurray - For amazing knitwear and crochet like the hat Ben is wearing in the photos on this page.
Live Green for a Week - For inspiring me to do better.
No Added Sugar - For amazing healthy recipes and what I like to call "alternative baking".

And my seven interesting facts....
  1. When I was 2 I was given a giant sized jar of gherkins as a birthday present because I loved them so much.
  2. I have a Japanese tattoo from the nape of my neck to my tail bone (my first and only tattoo).
  3. When I'm stressed out I research travel destinations.
  4. I'm a gypsy at heart and love to move (and move...) but finally at the old age of 33 I want to settle down.
  5. I took ages to learn to drive and wasn't driving confidently on my own until I was in my early 20s.
  6. J and I decided to go home and have a baby while sharing a Sprite outside a huge Fort in Rajasthan, India.
  7. This week I have been researching living in a Yurt while we build a house.

This is the inside of a Yurt. It's like a huge tent with a wooden frame and a cool dome at the top of the ceiling. With solar power and a composting toilet (J needs convincing on that part) we could almost be self sufficient. And when we're finished building, we could rent it out as holiday accommodation. Am I crazy or is this an awesome idea? Would you live in a Yurt?


  1. Thank you! what a lovely nomination! That Yurt looks awesome, I would totally live in one for a while..

  2. I have been trying to convince people of yurts since I was 15 and saw one in Grassroots! One day......

    1. They're beautiful aren't they. The more research I do, the more obsessed I am with them :) My only headache concerning a yurt is council permits. My local council doesn't know how to classify them, but we have a year + to figure that out before we decide if we really want to try yurt living.

  3. Firstly, GORGEOUS photos of the boys!!

    Secondly, THANKS SO MUCH for your lovely award. Nepotism? Muahaha xxx


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