Thursday, April 7, 2011

5. Recycled Woolly Jumper Throw

Time: An afternoon
Cost: Under $20

I borrowed every crafty girls bible from the library last week. Yes people, I'm talking about Kelly Doust's  The Crafty Minx.  I was really inspired by her woollen throw made from vintage jumpers so I thought I'd give it a go myself.

I decided to make a slightly smaller version of the one in the book. Mine is just big enough to drape over my yellow velvet bedroom chair or over my knees for a Sunday morning reading session. I encourage you to give this one a go, it would make a wonderful gift and they're so unique. An even more special idea would be to make your patchwork out of those baby blankets you've saved or some woollen jumpers discarded by someone you love.


 4 Large men's or 5 - 6 women's 100% wool jumpers. Avoid acrylic!

Bias tape wide and long enough to go around the outside edge all the way around.

Some nice wool wash, I used some with eucalyptus scent.

Thread, paper, pencil, scissors.

Here we go...

Wash your jumpers in the wool wash in warm water and leave to dry. It works better if you lay out the jumpers to dry and pull them into shape rather than hang them on the line.

Measure out a square 25cm x 25cm on paper and cut it out.

Lay your square on the first jumper and cut out. My throw is 3 squares x 5 squares, in the book Kelly suggests 5 squares x 7 squares.  You can make a pattern of colours if you wish, I just cut mine out from wherever the pattern and wool was nicest on the jumpers. 

Lay out your squares and have a play with the placement of the squares. 

Sew your squares together (right sides together). I did the horizontal 3 squares first and then when I had 5 rows and sewed them all together.

To finish sew your bias tape right around the outer edge. The easiest way to do this is to iron the tape in half then slip it over the edge of the throw then sew.

Don't worry about the joins on the back, because you've pre-washed the wool they shouldn't fray.

If the bias tape sounds too tricky you can sew a back onto the throw with a soft jersey or flannelette fabric - just cut out the right size and sew it (right sides together) leaving a gap to turn the throw the right way out. You can then sew up the gap by hand.

More detailed instructions are in Kelly Doust's book The Crafty Minx.  Enjoy!

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