Things I loved but didn't buy....

The kids are back at school and preschool this week so today I took advantage of some time to myself and headed out to a charity shop I discovered late last year. If you're thinking small and pokey when you hear the words "Op Shop" think again. This branch of Vinnies in Cabramatta is more like a warehouse. It's full to the brim with vintage treasures!  Even better are their impromptu sales. As I was browsing this morning someone printed off a pile of '50% off Furniture" signs and was sticking them up all over the place.

If I wasn't currently living in a tiny 2 bedroom cottage with literally one single cupboard in the whole place I  definitely would have come home with some of these:

Retro hand painted plate

Candle holder with red drops

Jewish beaten plate

Retro dinner set

Silver anyone?

LOVE this retro formica table and bright orange chairs set.
Wish I had a spot for it!

I know a certain little girl who would have loved to fill this up with period dolls furniture.
Which is why it stayed in the shop.

Gorgeous retro sideboard

Vintage "Last Supper' print. We collect these old religious prints and if this one was perfect
(it had watermarks) I would have snuck it home.

Great big old chest that has lots of stories to tell.

There are crochet and woollen blankets galore in this shop.
Unfortunately my husband has an aversion to nana rugs and doilies so these had to stay behind.

So many pure wool blankets. I could make hot water bottle covers, retro cushions
with applique designs, and patchwork throws from these.

I did find some goodies today that I couldn't resist. Among them is a retro linen tablecloth, an old wooden lamp, and two vintage baby bonnets. Watch this space in the next couple of weeks to see how I transform them!

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  1. Funny what similar taste we have - a few of those things remind of me of things I have! The dropletty candlesticks, silver candlesticks, the retro sideboard (courtesy of Levin Salvation Army when driving home from YOUR place in Welly one time!), I even have something very similar to the Jewish Beaten Plate...


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