Saturday, April 9, 2011

We love Autumn!

The weather is wonderful at the moment. Cool mornings and evenings and warm throughout the day. The light has changed too and afternoons in our backyard can only be described as "golden".  We're eagerly waiting for the trees to change to orange and red. Autumn, the Blue Mountains prettiest time of year.

It's the last week of term 1 at school this week and I have been given the task of making a rabbit costume for the Easter Parade. This seems to be an Australian school tradition and one I don't really understand the point of!  Last year J made a leopard print fur top hat and mask and marched around a courtyard with a hundred other dressed up kids all chanting "Aussie Aussie Aussie - Oi Oi Oi!!" What this has to do with Easter I'll never know. Anyway, this was this years final result:

Pretty easy really, all I had to do was sew some felt onto her top and attach a pompom to her pants for a tail.

Ben started preschool in February and he's loving playing with the other kids and making use of all of the cool things they have set up there.  He's really taken an interest in painting and drawing over the last 3 or 4 months and has come home from preschool with some beautiful creations.

This is his Easter egg. The teachers at preschool were amazed by his painting because they deliberately gave the kids really fine brushes to test their fine motor skills and Ben stayed at his easel for over an hour making sure it was all coloured in.

Benny's painting of a Cockatoo

A Triceratops

Jemima has had one full term of tennis and she's absolutely loving it. We've been lucky to have one on one coaching all term because no other kids joined her session. In Feb she couldn't hit a ball and now she's really good!  Here's a video of her playing, I hope it comes out OK on here. It was taken with a phone so the quality isn't too good.

As for us, we're still waiting for the letter from J's work with the list of locations on offer. We're both fairly relaxed about it though. After all of the dramas that 2011 has brought us already we're ready to take things as they come.

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