8. Baby Bonnet Purse

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: Under $5

Just because my days of parenting small babies are over it doesn't mean I don't get the occasional hankering for some beautiful newborn knits.  I think it's fortunate that I don't have a large house because I'd probably fill it with all sorts of things I no longer need - like baby clothes! I was lying in bed the other night during one of my frequent bouts of insomnia when I started thinking about my beautiful Nana back in New Zealand and the wonderful knitting she made for our kids when they were babies.  I've been teaching myself to knit recently and like all things, it's only when you try something yourself that you realise just how darn hard it really is.  As I toiled over a winter hat for my 3 year old son, I thought about Nana's delicate scalloped edges and row upon row of perfect little stitches.  I'll keep practicing my knitting but I've come to the realisation that if I want to play around with beautiful knits it's going to be quicker for me to buy vintage than knit it myself.  That's how this little purse came to life.


2 pure wool newborn baby bonnets with ribbons. Try and get two that are a similar shape and that have long ribbons.  Mine were $2 each from Cabramatta Vinnie's.

Needle and thread.

Here we go...

Position your bonnets so that the large openings face each other and pin them into place.

Stitch the two bonnets together with a needle and thread.  You an do this with wrong sides together, or just lay one edge over the over and stitch as I have done.

With one set of ribbons tie a bow.

Using a large darning needle thread one of the other sets of ribbons (opposite side of the purse to the bow) in and out of the bonnet. Repeat with the other ribbon on that side.

This creates a drawstring which you can use to pull the purse closed tight.  Tie a bow with the ends of your drawstring to create the handle of the bag.

This little purse is the perfect size for a wee girl to wear.  I've put some lavender wrapped in muslin inside mine and have hung it on my bed. Perhaps this little project will cure the insomnia that inspired it in the first place.

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