Sunday, May 1, 2011

Rozelle Markets

We awoke to a beautiful sunny day today and what better way to spend a sunny Sunday than at a market? The Rozelle Markets specialise in trash and treasure and with tables overflowing with linens, old prints, and antique jewellery this place is definitely speaking my language. 

The markets are held every Saturday and Sunday at the Rozelle Public School on Darling Street in Sydney's inner west. The school is on the main shopping strip and there are many great little cafes and boutique stores to browse in once you've finished at the markets.

Parking was surprisingly not too bad. There is a 2 hour free car park around the back and lots of metered parking on the side streets surrounding the school.

We found a few food stalls and lots of good coffee stands and there are both male and female toilets open.

Prices varied a lot around the tables. Despite being in a fashionable area full of those lucky people with disposable incomes, the Rozelle Markets still maintain a low key car boot sale type of atmosphere.

There are a few live musicians busking throughout the grounds and next to the food stalls little tables are set up for weary shoppers to rest.  Since these markets are held on the grounds of a primary school, there's also a large playground for the kids when they grow impatient (as mine did!).

There were loads and loads of things I could have bought but didn't. Visiting markets like these requires a measure of restraint for a girl like me and it was a lucky thing that I had my more sensible other half with me today.

Here are some pics of the things on offer:

Many big tables full of a jumble of cool things to discover

If you love old beads this is the place for you.

How much for all of it... including the suitcase?

Hundreds of great old prints on sale

I took this picture for my good friend Jo. If she had been there she would have found a way
to get this pink chair home no matter what the consequences would have been!
I spotted the green/blue table it's sitting on from a hundred metres away. It was sold unfortunately.
Which is actually a good thing for me, because I was prepared to sell a kidney to buy it.

What more can I say?
I can hear you asking - what did you get???  Well after a morning like that I think it demonstrates my considerable self control when you see my modest haul:

Here we have two pairs of 1930s gloves for $5; a little tin and fabric print of the Madonna for $5; an old metal box for $15; and my find of the day, an 80 year old ceramic mixing bowl for only, wait for it.. $5!!  

If you love vintage and you're on a budget then a trip to the Rozelle Markets is an absolute must.

Rozelle Markets

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