Vegan Week - Day Two "TOFU ALERT"


Same as yesterday, brown rice porridge followed by peanut butter toast

Home made hummus (yes, NZ spelling, but I'm sticking to my guns on this one) sandwiches, corn chips, fruit

Unbeef stew made with tofu, swede, carrot, and potato with a side of organic green beans

Vegan, gluten free pear and ginger cake

I had soy milk in my tea this morning. I've long known that I can't tolerate dairy and I've admitted defeat when it comes to many of my favourite dishes. I didn't even have creme brulee when I was in Paris. And I love creme brulee.  I won't eat cheesy pasta dishes, I shy away from ice cream, and have gotten used to soy milk in my hot chocolates. But tea, tea is where I draw the line in the paddock if you will.  So it was with a sigh of resignation that I reached for the carton of soy milk this morning. After my first taste I have to say I was surprised ... not bad. Not bad at all.

Post Dinner Verdict
I have to say, I'm in a state of shock. Not only did the kids eat their tofu, they didn't even protest. J asked me what it was and I mumbled something about "Erm...cheesy, meaty, stuff" while avoiding eye contact. B went straight in, pronounced it "Yum" and ate everything on his plate.

The stew was actually really nice. If you'd like the recipe it's available from here.  I'd definitely do this one maybe once every week or two. It's economical too - the tofu was $2.30 and you could use just about any root vegetables you have in your veggie bin.

Roll on Day 3!!

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  1. Good effort! Must say - that photo of Ben looks like he's missing an arm!!! :-) haha


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