Vegan Week - Day Five

Whoop! Almost there.  We had a good day today. I think it's definitely getting easier.


Baked beans and toast

Toasted sandwiches, fruit, salad

Leftover tofu stew made into shepherds pie, roast organic pumpkin and brussell sprouts, broccoli

Vegan and gluten free chocolate self saucing pudding

I went down to the markets this morning and bought some lovely organic produce. It makes it so much easier to eat vegetables when you're excited about the produce. Dinner was nice, the kids ate everything without any bribery at all ha ha.  The tofu was good as a leftover and I think this dish is definitely doable as a once a weeker. The $2.30 pack of tofu has made enough stew for 2 dinners and 2 lunches, pretty good on the bank account.

Two days to go.. two days until my big fat juicy cheesy meaty burger. Yummo.

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