9. Tablecloths Times Two

Two sewing projects in under 30 minutes for less than $5?
It's totally possible, and amazingly easy.


2 square vintage linen tablecloths. Mine were $2 each from a charity shop
Cotton and thread
Fabric scraps

Easy as pie skirt:

Here we go...

My first tablecloth was a lovely white number with blue and pink designs on it. I wasn't sure what to do with it so I started to fold it up so it could be added to the towering pile of vintage-fabrics-that-I-just-can't-get-rid-of-because-one-day-I'll-make-something-with-them-I-promise.  As I was folding it I realised that it was just about the perfect length for a skirt for my 6 year old daughter. Even better, I could use the existing sewn edge as the hem of the skirt meaning less sewing for me - hooray!

This wee skirt couldn't be easier to make:
  1. Cut the tablecloth in half
  2. Sew the side seams with right sides together
  3. Fold over the waistband and sew to create a casing for the elastic, leaving a small gap to poke the elastic through
  4. Thread the elastic through and secure with stitching

Retro book bag:

Here we go...

For this book bag I folded the fabric right sides together and then measured a rectangle that would just about the right size for my daughter to put her library books inside.

I cut out the rectangle and then used the scraps to make a pocket and the handle for the bag.

I had some purple felt left over from Easter crafts so I used a piece to cut out a 'J' for the pocket.  If you want to add details like pockets it's easier to sew them on before constructing the bag.

Putting it together is as easy as sewing the side seams and along the bottom edge before making the handle (two pieces sewn right sides together then turned out).  Once the handle was the right way out I top-stitched along the edges to make it sit nicely.  The whole shebang took me around 15 minutes including pressing it. My daughter loves having her own special library bag to carry, and it saves me from carrying her books!

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  1. I love these tablecloth ideas - ones that even I could sew! They could be a lovely afternoon project to do with my 11 year old daughter (who is a lot more creative with her fashion than I am). Thanks Becs :)


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