Saturday, May 14, 2011

12. Grandpas Vest Cushion

I found this funny woollen vest at some markets a week ago in a $5 bin and I knew instantly that it was perfect for a project I've had up my sleeve for some time now.  I love the geometric design and the buttons up the front. I also have a new appreciation for multi coloured knits now that I've had a go at knitting myself!  I originally saw something similar to this cushion in a book I have called Flea Market Style. It's something I've wanted to try ever since I bought the book so when I saw this vest, I knew I had to try it.

Cost: Under $10
Time: Under 30 minutes


One 100% wool vintage vest, look for one that has a square boxy shape - pre-wash in warm wool wash and lie flat to dry
One vintage pillow case - pre-wash (goes without saying!!)
Cushion/Pillow insert or stuffing
Cotton, thread, pins

Here we go...

I found this retro pillow case at a charity shop for $1.

The first thing to do is lay your vest on top of your pillow case and mark out where the bottom of your vest comes to with a pin.  Trim the excess length off your pillow case, making sure you cut the open end, not the sewn end.

Turn the pillow case inside out and sew along the cut edge leaving a gap so you can turn it the right side out.

Normally I would insert a cushion inner but in the interests of recycling I used some stuffing I had left over from another project.

Once you have your cushion nice and full and the stuffing pushed into the corners you can sew up the gap.

If you want to be able to remove the inner you could put a zip here or some ribbons or buttons to tie it.

Now it's time to grab your woollen vest and put it over the cushion.  Take some time to position it properly then sew up the bottom edges of the vest and stitch (by hand) around the arm holes to keep it all in place.

For a bit of fun you could use a business shirt for your inner cushion and leave the collar, or add a neck or bow tie afterwards.  I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, happy crafting!

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