Vegan Week - Day Six "Feed Me!!"


Toast and tea

Sandwiches and fruit

Cauliflower soup with home made bread

I'm STARVING! Nothing is filling me up and I'm hungry all the time.  Even after a meal of quite substantial root vegetables or chickpeas I'm hungry an hour later.  Miss J and I were fantasising about what we'd order from McDonalds tonight. My mouth is watering at the thought. And I don't even like McDonalds!

One more day to go, and at this rate it'll be a long one.


  1. I've been dreaming of cauliflower soup today, I spent an hour on some Aus recipe website and looked through a bunch of different versions. My children have never eaten cauliflower (and probably not the husband in his living memory, either) so it will need to be delicately introduced... but cauli soup sounds so delicious (if not filling!)

    ("The Mum"/FrangipaniRose)

  2. I did mine in the slow cooker - I just cooked some onions and garlic then put them in the slow cooker with chopped cauli, vege stock, salt and pepper and cumin. Then after about 8 hours I pureed it with a stick blender. It was yummy and made heaps and heaps.

  3. Will have to give that a try!


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