Monday, May 16, 2011

Recycled Cardboard Drum Lampshades

When I was in checking out Reverse Garbage in Marrickville over the weekend I spotted some cardboard drums. I just knew there was a great "upcycling" project waiting for these drums so I've been jotting down ideas and doing some googling trying to figure out what I could make with them.

Yesterday I found these absolutely divine lampshades made by Shiner International.  According to owner Joe Manus, Shiner's goal is "to transform tons of landfill-destined materials into killer design. By building heirloom pieces out of disposable elements, we refine the future by upcycling the past." 
I like it!

I love these. I love the natural colours, the eco-friendliness of them, and just how clever these designers are. What do you think?

So after ogling the cool lampshades and furniture made by Shiner I was all excited to try something out for myself.  My husband has put a bit of a pin in my bubble though because he reckons it's going to be pretty difficult to make the cuts in the drums. It's lucky I have him around actually, because I tend to get carried away with ideas and not think about technicalities. Oh well.

I'm still keen to try it out though. I'm on the lookout for an old shade the same size and shape as the ones at Reverse Garbage so I can recycle the inner frame  and use it in my cardboard drum.
As for the cutting part, I'm thinking about taking one down to Bunnings to see if the guy in the wood section will make the cuts for a few dollars. 

I might even sweeten the deal by taking along a chocolate muffin. You should never underestimate the power of baked goods on tradies. 

I'll post again when I've had a go at this lampshade for myself so watch this space. Wish me luck!

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