Thursday, May 19, 2011

Vegan Week - Day Three

Ok. I need the meat. I must be doing something wrong because after dinner each night I'm ravenous. I'm eating a sandwich (or 2) and I'm still hungry. I'm experiencing a desire for steak as intense as my pregnancy cravings for Burger Rings and Fillet o Fish. Watching Masterchef each night is just about killing me.

And now, dear readers, my confession. Last night my husband brought home some Tim Tams. Tim Tams!! I ask you, who can resist a Tim Tam? That's right - no one. So yes, I ate two, and yes, they have dairy in them. I cheated. And were they worth it? Too bloody right they were.

Anyway, onwards and upwards!


Rice porridge (again!)

Baked beans on toast

Pizzas with soy cheese, mushrooms, olives, sun dried tomatoes

Post Dinner Verdict

Blah.  The pizzas were Ok.  I didn't notice the soy cheese and the kids asked for seconds. I'd call that a success. It just wasn't yummy.

I struggled today.  I feel quite flat and tired even though I'm sleeping well. Too little protein? Not enough iron?

I'm a bit disappointed. I really thought I'd be feeling great this week, not worse. And why is it that the only thing I can think of is:


  1. Must admit, I saw your nachos post this morning and stopped by Wendys to pick up a taco salad for dinner...except now they call it a "meaty mexican salad". Naughty eh...

  2. We don't quite do vegan pizza (as I do use cheese) but I pile ours high with caramelised red onion, pre-cooked eggplant, sometimes courgette, mushies and sliced black olives. It is gooey (the topping, anyway) and delicious. I used to make a veg & non veg pizza on pizza night, but this version is actually way yummier than a meat pizza so I don't bother with the meat one anymore! Thanks to the olives, the kids will eat it.

  3. Yours sounds much nicer than ours was! Caramelised onions is a great idea. Ours was a bit dry and I think that's why it wasn't great. I might give it another go next week. Thanks for the ideas!


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