37. Round Box Cushion made from Vintage Scraps

Today I set myself a challenge. I wanted to make something out of what I had lying around.. no quick trip to the craft store to pick up supplies, no thrift stores, just using what I had at hand. This is partly out of frugalness and partly because I have two unwell children at home today and I'm not brave (or mean) enough to take them out to the shops.

A couple of weeks ago I found an old New Zealand souvenir table cloth at a thrift store that was in pretty poor condition. I bought it for cutting because it has some lovely bright prints as long as you avoid the hole and the stains.
That round design in the middle lends itself to a round cushion don't you think? So that's what I made. A round box cushion made entirely from vintage scraps.
For the back of the cushion I used this vintage pillow case that I found at a thrift store. I bought it for the pattern and when I opened it up I saw this YSL logo embroidered on. Real YSL fabric, or someone decided to jazz up their pillow case with a fake logo? You tell me.

First step is to draw out two circles onto your fabrics for the front and back of your cushion. Measure the diameter of how big you want it to be then add a couple of inches/4cm for seam allowances. My favourite method is drawing around a big pot lid or bowl but a compass works too.
Then you'll need a strip of fabric for the outer edge. Measure the circumference of your circle by wrapping a tape measure around it then add 1 inch/ 2cm. Work out how deep you want the cushion to be and that will the width of the strip. Add 2cm for seam allowances.

Sew your strip to the outer edge of your fabric (front) with right sides together. I like to do this without pins because it allows me the guide the fabric and manipulate it a bit around the curve. Leave the ends of the strip unsewen as see at the top of the picture below.

This is what it looks like underneath:

Repeat the same process with the backing. Place it face down and pin it (if you want to use pins) to the right side of the strip of fabric. Sew around the edge and leave ends unsewn.
Turn it out the right way through the opening.
Stuff it with your choice of stuffing or insert a round cushion inner. I didn't use a zip because I didn't have one in the right colour at home (and I wasn't allowed to go shopping for this project!). But if you wanted to add one you can insert a zip in your strip of fabric by cutting a section of it in two lengthwise then sewing it in before attaching the strip to the rounds.
Lastly, hand sew up the opening shut.

I debated with myself about adding a button to this cushion so that it's tufted like the Tablecloth Pouffe I made last year. In the end I've left it so that the image isn't distorted on the front.. but I might change my mind later!


  1. Matratzenbezug24.deMay 18, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    You made a lovely cushion (Best out of waste ). I too am having a lovely spare printed design cloth which i will use in making lovely cushions like you .

    1. Hi there

      Thanks for your lovely comments!

      x Becs


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