No Shopping Challenge Day 11

Today we went to some of my favourite shops in the mountains and I managed the trip without buying anything except for a gift already saved and planned for (before the challenge).

I saw many, many things I would have bought last month and it was interesting seeing how differently I felt about it this time. It was actually ok. When I saw something I'd like to buy I knew I could have it one day, just not right now. These aren't big extravagant things by the way.. I'm a sucker for nice food items and health products over big ticket items these days.

Tomorrow in the true spirit of the No Shopping Challenge I'm taking my home made stuff to the local Crop and Swap to trade. I have 7 jars of home made organic yoghurt, 3 jars of lemon and mint cordial,  a huge bowl of cucumbers, two Kombucha cultures, and some potted up tomatoes. I'm hoping for some treats and some fruit and vegetables in return. It should be a fun morning, my only hesitation is that we're in the middle of a heat wave over here and it's mighty uncomfortable being out and about.

Ill let you know how I go!

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