No Shopping Challenge Day 8 - Simplify

On this intensely hot blustering day we are hiding indoors with curtains closed and windows tightly shut. The children are continuing their long running game of Lego and we are all still in our pyjamas at 10am. Since we are forced to be inside I've spent the morning walking around the house, going from room tidying and sorting as I go.

At the end of my tour I came to a realisation. Our children have too much stuff. Ben's room is overwhelming. Two big wooden shelving units full to bursting with crates of Lego, old transformer robots we've collected from op shops, Playmobil, board games, puzzles. There's so much in there I'm not surprised that he has trouble playing with any of it. It's hard to see what there is with such a jumble of colour and shapes.  On closer inspection I saw that he no longer enjoys or has grown out of a lot of it. Even his closet held 5 pairs of too-small shoes that I have been holding onto so I can give them to a nephew"one day".

Under the stairs is a cupboard full of stuff. We have Ben's stroller that he hasn't sat in for two years. We've kept it in case someone with a baby visits us. Seriously.

It is clearly time for an edit of the things we deem to be essential. After all, just 3 years ago we arrived at Brisbane airport with nothing but a few bags and here we are now with too many things yet again.

What is it about humans that makes us want to hold on and stash away?

This week we are starting a list of things we'll sell and a list of things to donate. We may even come out with some money to add to our savings which would be brilliant. If not, we will still gain some space and some room to breathe.

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