Homemade Handkerchiefs

Each year as winter approaches and with it runny noses I'm a little alarmed at the number of tissues we all go through. We're raising our kids with an awareness of sustainable living and caring for the planet that we live on, but somehow the tissue situation is something we've let slide. This year I decided that surely, I can do better.

Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered a little handkerchief bag in a craft book I had, and this morning I rifled around the bookcase until I found it. It was Amanda Soule's 'Rhythm of the Family'.

I used a vintage pillow case that I've been saving for the bag and some flannelette scraps for the hankies. Flannelette is perfect because it's soft and thick. Vintage is even better because it's nicely worn in, helping the absorbency of the cloth.

The bag is a simple design - two pieces for the front and two for the back with a zipper so you can insert a pile of handkerchiefs from behind.  For more info on making one see Soulemama.

To make the handkerchiefs cut out 30cm (12 inch) squares of fabric, 2 pieces for each hanky. Sew around the edges with right sides together, leaving a small gap so you can turn it the right way out. Clip the corners and turn, then press well. Top stitch around the edges folding under the raw edge and closing the gap that you left to turn the hanky out. If you like you can add details such as embroidery or applique to one of the pieces of the fabric before you begin sewing. Wash hankies in hot water with a drop of tea tree oil which acts as a natural antiseptic.

Perfect for delicate little noses and kind to the planet too.

x Bec

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  1. Awesome idea! I personally prefer hankies as thats what we always had as kids - not anywhere beautifully stored as yours though!


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