Monday, May 7, 2012

Mothers Day Competition!!!

Mothers Day is around the corner and I thought I'd celebrate the day with my first giveaway!

To go in the draw to win this cushion cover made from 1960s vintage floral fabric valued at $25 just write me a note in the comments telling me what you love about your mum or why you would love to win. If you comment anonymously you will also need to email me on with a copy of your comments so I can notify you if you win, as I can't link back to anonymous comments.

The winner will be drawn at 8pm Sydney time on Sunday 13 May. Postage is included to Australia and NZ only. Winners will be notified via email and will be announced here on the blog. Good luck and please spread the word!

For more gorgeous cushion covers please visit my Facebook Page.

Congratulations to Jenna who is the winner of the cushion cover prize. Your new cover will be on its way to you soon. I hope you like it! Thank you to everyone who visited my blog and took the time to tell me about your lovely mums. x Becs.


  1. Gorgeous, would look great in my lounge!

    Louise S.

  2. This cushion is pretty, but not as pretty as my mum! ;)

  3. My Mum passed over 10years ago.If I could turn the clock back, I would tell her I love her, words left to late. Love you Mum

  4. Hi there Anonymous,
    Thank you for your comments, they really touched me. Please email me on so I can notify you if you win, if you comment anonymously I can't link back to you. Thanks again for entering :)

  5. This cushion would remind me of my mum who passed away over 40 years ago but I still miss her.


  6. Oh it's lovely! I love my Mum because she helps me heaps :)

  7. My Mam is no longer here. I miss her advice, such as it was - if ever I asked her about a crochet pattern or knitting pattern or anything else she told me "Well you just have to work it out for yourself." We're not big on sympathy or being too gushy. I often think that it's sad that after 78 years we had a couple of tablecloths, a few doilies and cloths that she'd worked and none of her knitting.

  8. My Mam is also no longer here, what I miss most is our very long talks on the phone, 2 hrs weekly was normal as she lived on the other side of the World. I still want to phone her and talk to her about what is happening in our lives and especially about our crafts as we "girls" all craft in our family. I Love You Mam.

  9. It's gorgeous. I love that my mum is always there to help me when I need her. Always has, and always will.

  10. Love this cover - it takes me straight back to a childhood summer (I won't mention any decades! ;) )

  11. Love this fabric - especially the colours. Back in the '70's our house was all done up in greens and oranges and browns. I just love vintage and retro fabrics, I guess they take me back to a simpler, more innocent time. Mum is away overseas on a much deserved holiday right now and I miss being able to ring her up for a chat during the week, she has always been there for me throughout my life and I am blessed to have such a great Mum - I love her to bits!

  12. I love my Mum for many reasons, as we all do. However I have been especially grateful over the past two years for all of the support she has given us over the last two years while pregnant and then having our triplet daughters. She is always there when I need someone to talk to about my day or to give advice. They say that when you become a mother you will hear yourself saying and doing things your mother always did - every time I do this I smile, knowing that if I can be half as loving and educational as my mum was, then I will have raised my girls to their full potential. Mum, I love you to pieces and love you a wee bit more everyday!

  13. my mum has now gone fought an awesome battle with breast cancer so brave

  14. Thanks Becs! It's adorable and will look great on the chair in my living room (will replace the tacky and tired leopard print one my other half's mother hand-me-downed to us!! hehe).

    1. Hi Jenna

      So happy that you like it!



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