Twelve Truths

Woah! Seriously behind on the bloggers 'Twelve Truths' project. Is it really May already?

To kick this off again I'm going to tackle # 9. This is me in my baby sister's pram wearing all the clothes I could find. I think I'm about 5. What I like about these old 1980s photos is the stuff in the background. See that wicker basket on the drawers there? That's mum's sewing basket. Next to that is her sewing machine. NOW I see why I was hanging out in this room being all crazy dressing up. Oh yes. Looks like sewing rooms have always been a place where I go to have fun.

1. What my house looks like right now

2. What I look like right now

3. Something I made that really didn't work out

4. Something I made that started out as one thing, but ended up as something else

5. Pass something on that was a gift/won/bought to someone else who will enjoy it more

6. Tell you about the chore I hate the most

7. Share with you one of my (many!) strange quirks

8. Tell you about what I find challenging when it comes to being creative

9. Show you a childhood picture of me

10. Share a project that I gave up on

11. Tell you the things I do in order to fit in creative time around the family and the housework

12. Give away something I've made

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