Making me smile today...

Our autumn nature table updated with this weekend's Mothers Day cards

My apothecary drawer

The bright trees and carpet of leaves outside my door

When I walk into my house these kete remind me of home

Anticipating transforming this salvaged piece of wood into a work of art

The cabinet I bought for $40 and turned into a craft cupboard for the kids. It's the perfect layout for art supplies and paper. A lucky find.

My scraps bag. I can't throw away vintage fabrics, ever. 

What my husband made for me this weekend. Machines, lamps, MP3 player and speakers, and everything plugged in ready to sew. 

Vintage patterns

And always, my Ben. 


  1. Gorgeous post, I love the kete and the sewing station!!!

    1. I feel very lucky to have somewhere to sew that's separate from the rest of the house after sewing at the dining table for years :-)


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