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I reckon about 75% of the things in our house are pre-loved, collected over time from markets and op shops, gifts thankfully received, and hand made from re purposed materials. Being surrounded by interesting old things is the way I love to live. And then there's the irresistible pull of finding a bargain. Yes, there's that.

So this afternoon I thought I'd take you on a walk through my house to show you some of the things we've collected in the two and a half years we've lived in Australia. When choosing what to photograph I've gone with a brown and orange theme just for fun.

West Germany pottery vase $22 from Salvos (yes, a bit pricey for a thrift store find but they're collectable and I so wanted it).

1970s leather clutch purse $4 from Vinnies

Crown Lynn 'Carnaby' coffee set $6 from an op shop in Dapto

1970s Chiswell teak table $30 from ebay

4 seater brown leather couch $250 through the local classifieds.

Antique wooden jewellery box $35 from Leura Markets

1950s lamp with wooden base $15 from Vinnies. Japanese glass vase $2 from Vinnies.

Thanks to my poor sleep deprived just-off-nightshift husband who took these photos for me while I wrestled with making my own gluten free puff pastry in the kitchen. Seriously, what was I thinking?

Have you got a favourite thrift store find?

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  1. Great stuff, I am having trouble picking a favourite! You certainly inspire me to head out and see what I can hunt down.


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