Monday, May 21, 2012

Make it Monday - Knits!

I know it's getting warm up in the Northern hemisphere but down here in Australia and New Zealand we're thinking about pulling out the knitwear, buying a new pair of sheepskin slippers, and cranking up that slow cooker.  What better way to start the week than with some beautiful do it yourself ideas using wool. There's something about cold winter nights that makes me feel like keeping my hands busy with something crafty. For me, it's usually embroidery or some hand stitching because as much as it pains me to say it, I'm not a good knitter. Knitting and crochet are two crafts that I would love to practice more but my sewing machine beckons and I never seem to have the time. Maybe this will be my winter!

Here are my favourite knitting and crochet ideas of the week:

This little knitted dress couldn't be more gorgeous. It's Little Winifred by knitting designer Sarah Ronchetti. As Sarah writes on her knitting blog Sezza Knits:

Little Winifred is named for some wonderful women in my family. It is the middle name of both my Mother and Grandmother, and was the first name of both my Mother in Law, and her Mother. Although I know my Mother in Law didn't really like her name, and went by another, this pattern is named for her. She never met my children, in fact she died before I married her son, and only by having met my husband so many years ago (I was 16) did I get to really know her. She would have adored these children!

I love the classic shape of this knitted dress, it would be perfect with a pair of bright tights and some winter boots don't you think?  The pattern provides instructions for both tunic and dress lengths and the adult version is due to be released soon. To purchase for only US $5.50 and to view Sarah's other beautiful patterns visit her Ravelry Store

Now for something different. This is a knitting project that even I could manage. Here we have a gorgeous chunky knit cushion cover made from finger knitting. You remember finger knitting right? It was a huge hit in my 7 year old daughter's class last year. Anne Weil at Flax & Twine shows us how to elevate finger knitting out of the 'children's craft' arena into something a bit more grown up with her fantastic tutorial.

If I was a knitter, I think this would be one of my new favourite places to shop. It's Vintage Knits, an online store for vintage 'gently used' knitting and crochet patterns. Even without the knitting know-how I still had a great time browsing the vintage patterns on this site. His & Hers snowmobile jumpers? Come on! Vintage Knits also offers links to free patterns and a vintage pattern sizing chart. If you love vintage, it's worth a look.

This is a really cool gift idea that I saw recently on Green Eyed Monster. It's a tutorial for knitting a little knitted washcloth/cover for a bar of soap. By using 100% wool you create a naturally anti-bacterial washcloth that is soft and lathers easily with the soap inside. So easy to make I think I might have to add this to my list of future home made presents. Love it.

Not strictly 'do it yourself' but if I only buy myself one winter treat this season it'll be one of these gorgeous crochet hats handmade in New Zealand by Kylie of PeonyK. Not only are they beautifully made with just the right amount of 'slouch' they're great value at NZD 15.00 for an adult sized hat. Newborn hats are available in pure wool for NZD 13.00 and Kylie welcomes custom orders in your choice of colour. You can't beat that!
Check out her online shop (she also makes great jewellery) at her Felt Store.

And for a bit of luxury have a look at knitwear designer all for everyone's online store. There are some beautiful patterns and colours on this site and even if the items are a little on the high end of the price scale, it's always nice to have a browse for inspiration. 

That's it for this Monday, have a fantastic week everyone! 

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